Knowledge is power, and with your financial life under control, you can sleep easier and work with more confidence. You’ll know exactly what your cash flow will look like, next week and next month, so you can inject consistency and reassurance. You’ll know how much money you’re bringing in, now and in the future, and grow your business smart. With financial confidence, everything will fall into place. 

You don’t need to be an accountant to understand your finances. Working with me will help you crunch business numbers with clarity, bringing peace of mind for you and your business.







On-Call CFO

A 60-min call to cover your financial woes. To get the strategy and guidance to start moving your numbers in the right direction. 
So if you have a question on how to handle your finances, need guidance on setting up your system, or want reassurance that your business is set up efficiently then schedule a call with me now!


Elite CFO

Most businesses will have a CEO and a CFO.  Both key positions looking at the business from different perspectives, but making sure strategies are aligned.

Your business has passed the 6-figure mark and you're ready to keep scaling to new profitable heights! However, you're not quite ready to bring a finance resource into your business full time (or the cost). 

This is where I come in.  Let me be your CFO partner, providing higher level financial strategy and accountability into your business.  Each month you will be provided with insight on how your business is performing and ensure you are set up to be profitable!

  • Financial review (includes P&L, balance sheet, AR)

  • Monthly report

  • Budget creation

  • Budget variance analysis

  • Accounting system review (not bookkeeping)

  • Tax saving 

  • Tax planning

  • Team Efficiency

  • Strategy planning

  • Profit focus

  • Finance and tax guidance

Starting from $725 per month 

(Min 6 month contract. 10% pay in full discount)

  • Monthly call

  • Unlimited email correspondence

  • Copy of THE BUSINESS STARTER GUIDE (value $68)

  • Business Personality Test (35% discount)