​You don’t need to be an accountant to understand your finances. Working with me will help you crunch business numbers with clarity, bringing peace of mind for you and your business.

Your Finance Team

Finances are not the most exciting area of running your business.  Trying to dedicate time isn't a priority but you know it's something that must be kept on top of and reviewed.  But it doesn't just stop at categorizing your expenses.  It's about using your financial information to make effective and informed decisions to grow your business.
This is where The Finance Agency can help.  We will manage your accounting system, provide monthly reporting, and ensure you are fully covered when it comes to running the finances in your business.  
  • Categorizing expenses in your accounting system

  • Financial review 

  • Monthly business metrics report

  • Planning for taxes

  • Budget tracking

  • Strategy planning

  • Profit focus

  • Finance and tax guidance

  • Access to our added value partners for CPA tax services and financial planning and investments

Add ons: 

  • Invoicing clients

  • Following up on outstanding client payments

  • Monthly calls

  • Unlimited email correspondence

Book a Discovery call for monthly pricing

Dependent on sales and expenses volume

(Min 6 month contract. 10% pay in full discount)

On Call CFO

When you look at most established businesses they have a CEO and CFO.  Both key positions, looking at the business from different perspectives, but making sure strategies are aligned.
On Call CFO provides you and your business with a higher-level, strategic, financial resource.  A go-to for when you have financial questions.  Reviewing processes to ensure you are running your business efficiently, and informing you on how your business is performing to help you make better business decisions.

Starting from $375 per month 

(Min 6 month contract. 10% pay in full discount)