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A monthly bulletin to improve your finances, and in turn, your profit!

A lot of uncertainty around finances really stem from not knowing, and in some cases, not wanting to know. Whether it is your own personal finances or your business, spending money is easy when you have it. However, it’s about planning for the future and inserting discipline to ensure you are prepared for the long term, not just the short term, and having visibility on it.

That doesn’t mean you cannot spend money and you need to save everything you bring in. It’s about structuring your funds, to ensure you are covered in all areas; taxes, payroll, having fun! Yes! Having fun is important. When you have your own business, it should be empowering, and although it takes a lot of attention (and stress when you first start out), it’s about taking control of your company and letting it work for you, not you for it! Review your current position and set goals to achieve what you want. It takes willpower, open to change, and patience, because getting control of your finances doesn’t happen over night!

The first step on getting peace of mind about your finances is to learn about it. Looking at your finances can be unnerving at first, but once you know what you’re looking at it, it’ll be front of mind, and help you make better business decisions.