About Me

I remember the exact conversation.  My boss calls me into his office and says “there is a possibility of having you work over in Phoenix, would you be interested?”.  I laughed, and when I realised he wasn’t joking I replied “what?!”. So, I took the leap!

I’ve always known that I wanted to be an accountant, but the funny thing was, I HATED MATH. Surprising for someone who has build their whole career around numbers. However, I feel like finance is more storytelling, and while addition, subtraction and spreadsheet creation may be an exact science, finance is truly an art-form.

Through my experience, I knew I could help more, and wanted to become a conduit for entrepreneurs, molding their dreams into reality, and faced with the daunting task of managing the finances of their new ventures. I specialize in helping business owners who are looking to grow and develop; the creatives, the influencers, the visionaries, those who want to do great things, as well as run a successful and profitable business. Luckily for us both, finances are my joy and I'd love to be part of the journey that helps your company become the next big thing.

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