Transforming business owners into financially savvy entrepreneurs


In theory, running your own business is a dream. You’re your own boss and you get to work from anywhere in the world - as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. You’re embarking on your life’s most exciting journey to date, building a steady stream of revenue - without having to report to anyone.


In reality, the dream can quickly be overshadowed by financial worries.

In fact, the word “tax” is notorious for sending shivers down spines of even the strong willed of entrepreneurs.  You shouldn’t have to worry about financial burdens and taxes consuming your life, especially with the number of hats you have to wear daily.

Finances can be daunting, and while ignoring the issue may seem like the easiest solution, the problems won’t go away. Still, you don’t have to do this alone. As your Finance Coach, I understand that you want to focus on what you do best - using your talents to make money.


I empower my clients through financial guidance, to take what you've worked hard for and make sure you manage money effectively to grow your business.  I help solopreneurs get their finances organized, build for the future, and take charge of their financial lives.


Choose between two options that will give you the core fundamentals of managing your finances, strategies to implement into your business, and the accountability to ensure you stay on track to meeting financial goals.

Everything you need to know about setting up your business and managing your finances for success.
This handy guide will you through opening a bank account to managing your taxes, and everything else in between, all in one place.

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My experience has predominately been for large, multi-billion, advertising agencies where I started from the bottom, and worked my way up to managing offices globally. It provided  a strong foundation to really understand structure, process, and strategy to promote growth and keep meeting targets.

Once I moved to the US, I shifted into an entrepreneurial mindset which requires a different attitude, skill set, and discipline. I took what I learnt from my corporate experience, and not downsized, but made it applicable to the small business. Although the size of the numbers are different, the concepts of managing finances are the same, and so I have developed processes and strategies to transform entrepreneurs into financially savvy business owners with profitable businesses.

For me, your finances tells a story.  It tells you how you have been performing, what your current financial situation is, and what you need to do to meet goals.  It provides insight to spending habits, and helps you with making decisions, but the data that comes out is only as good as the data going in, so it's about keeping your financial information consistent, organized, and disciplined.  Let me guide you through the story your numbers are telling you about your business, and get to the ending you're wanting.


"Lou is an absolute wealth of knowledge and a true pleasure to work with. She treats your business as her own, offering up exceptional advice and planning tips while also shedding light on intimidating topics like taxes and auditing. This not only results in big personal strides for her clients, but also tremendous business growth for them as well. I can't speak highly enough about her skill set and personality traits. The Finance Coach comes highly recommended."

Scotty Cummings, Co-Founder of Strange Magic Apparel & Co. 

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"If you are an entrepreneur and one of your big business stresses is accounting / finances, I highly recommend reaching out to Louise! She will talk to you like a friend, make you feel empowered, and provide tips on what to do to help you stop worrying about accounting and get back to focusing on where your passions are in your business!"

Jocelyn Taitingfong-Camarillo, Owner of Jocelyn Marie Photography